Versatile counterfeit detector – Laser 102w

Versatile counterfeit detector – Laser 102w

Versatile counterfeit detector – Laser 102w

Two UV detection lamps for better illumination

When it comes to detecting counterfeit currency, lighting must be accurate and effective. This is where the 102w Laser comes in, with two UV lamps that provide excellent illumination. This advanced lighting ensures that you will see security markings with superior clarity, making counterfeit currency detection easier than ever.

White light bulb to see basic signs

What to do if you need to see cardinal signs better? This is where the white light bulb on the Laser 102w comes in. This bulb will enable you to see the fine details of the coin with amazing clarity. You will never miss an essential sign.

Magnetic metal part for visual and audio signal

The Laser 102w has a unique feature: the magnetized metal part. This part gives a visual and audio signal (beep) when you scratch the original currency with your device. This means that you will be able to verify the currency quickly and easily, without requiring much effort.

Zoom lens to see print details

A small thing can be very important when detecting counterfeit currency. The Laser 102w is equipped with a magnifying lens that allows you to see print details clearly and in detail. You will easily be able to check the small inscriptions and designs on the coin to ensure that it is authentic.

  1. The Laser 102w desktop counterfeit detector provides safety and accuracy in detecting counterfeit currency and other items.
  2. Equipped with ultraviolet sensors to detect security seals and identify counterfeit banknotes quickly and accurately.
  3. It prevents errors and ensures that counterfeit banknotes are not accepted, which enhances confidence in financial transaction processes.
  4. It can be powered by an AC adapter or battery (not included), making it convenient to use anywhere.
  5. Equipped with a fluorescent light to check watermarks and a magnetic sensor to detect magnetic features.
  6. Portable, compact, durable and lightweight, making it ideal for use while traveling or at outdoor events.
  7. Compatible with all currencies in the world, ensuring compatibility with various local and international currencies.
  8. Includes fine print convex lens magnifier for easy manual inspection and reading fine details.
Weight 0.504 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10.5 × 10.5 cm


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